MOOC Committee of the Regions
28th August 2017

Case Study

European Environmental Bureau

  • Branding
  • Website
The EEB, one of the oldest technical NGOs in Brussels, working in the environmental sector, had trouble presenting a modern image to its interlocutors because their visual identity had been created, well.. 40 years ago.

By conducting more than 20 interviews, a questionnaire and in talking with their members, we understood that they needed to show both their EU technical background and their greater environmental aspirations.

So we crafted a full visual identity, new colours, designs, and dozens of document templates as well as a new website that would keep the core identity of the brand while moving it into the future.

  • Strategic analysis
  • Conception of 4 different options
  • Production of 12 document templates
  • Production of a 40-page website
  • Advice on release

On average, the new website attracted two times the visits of the old one, and visitors stayed on the website for more time.

New colours, renewed engagement and motivation for their 150 member organisations