House of European History
6th September 2017
MOOC Committee of the Regions
28th August 2017

Case Study

DG Regio

  • Video
  • Website
The European Commission DG REGIO is coordinating every year a full integrated campaign to promote the thousands of events happening across Europe on the occasion of Europe’s day in May. But with limited means and a little staff they have to be as efficient as possible for their colleagues working in the regions

We discovered that the work done on the ground by their colleagues was phenomenal, and that we could capitalise on it to promote the larger European campaign.

We created and produced tools which were flexible enough to be used in any language, and with a visual identity capable of surrounding all these activities without breaking the identity of each of them

  • Strategic analysis
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Conception and production of a video shot in 3 countries and more than 12 spots
  • Conception and production of an adaptable poster template / social media posts
  • Conception of a physical game
  • Conception of the campaign website
  • Facebook advertising (12K)

We observed a noticeable increase in the number of events across Europe, more than 10K of advertising budget spent by partners in regions and an ever increasing brand equity for the campaign

A decentralised approach is what helps the most DG REGIO’s partners and we are glad to contribute to offer the best tools to their partners to do an always better job on the ground